Roadshow in Switzerland June 10-11 / Zürich & Geneva

The lead portfolio managers of Ridge Capital, a credit hedge fund investing in Nordic High Yield listed bonds, will be in Switzerland June 10 (Zürich) and June 11 (Geneva)


Meet the Founders of a Top-Performing Swedish Credit Hedge Fund in Switzerland (June 10-11)


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

The founders of Ridge Capital will meet investors in Switzerland, where their fund is reserved to qualified investors. It's a Luxembourg RAIF credit hedge fund investing in Nordic High Yield listed bonds.

Meeting slots: There are time slots left on June 10-11. If you are interested in a meeting, Christoffer Malmström, Måns Levin and I will be happy to visit.

Why Ridge Capital?

  • Outstanding Performance: Their fund has been one of the top performers in the Nordic High Yield bond market since inception, achieving +12.8% net in 2023 and +7.2% net YTD in 2024.
  • Impressive risk metrics: Sharpe ratio of 3.2. Annualized volatility of 3.7% (since inception and in line with the fund’s structural targets)
  • Experienced Management: Led by Christoffer Malmström who have built the best track record in this asset class since 2018.
  • Generous risk premium: Their fund harvests the very generous risk premium in this niche market
  • 1/3 of max capacity already raised: Their fund has a maximum capacity of 250-300M€, of which they already raised and invested 100M€ in a record 15 months.
  • Innovative Strategy: the co-founders decided to address the inneficient and illiquid Nordic High Yield bond market, with an innovative strategy in the asset class

Fund Highlights:  

  • Monthly liquid Luxembourg RAIF, in a market dominated by daily liquidity UCITS
  • Activity in the secondary market is an additional source of alpha, neglected by their peers which manage with a “Buy-and-hold style”.
  • Structural 1.5x leverage which their lead manager experienced to be the right level during market crisis. This counter intuitively allows them to lower credit risk by investing in better rated HY bonds, compensate for the lower yield, and reach our return target (Euribor + >7% net)
  • Portfolio hedging against spread widening + hedging of all currency risks
  • Negligeable interest rate risk due to a naturally low duration of the Nordic HY market, constituted of over 75% FRN
  • 0.1 correlation with equities
  • The fund will hard close the fund once it reaches 250-300m€ (500m€ with their 1.5x structural leverage) since they do not want to exceed 1% of the market size.
Date 10.06.2024 – 11.06.2024

Zurich / Geneva

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Christoffer Malmström

Lead Portfolio Manager & Co-founder


MSc in Finance - Stockholm School of Economics
+46 70 761 83 09


Måns Levin

Portfolio Manager, CEO & Co-founder


MSc in Finance - Stockholm School of Economics
+46 73 262 90 00


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