Webinar | Are Semiconductor Moats Worth the Price?

Hear firsthand from Morningstar's equity analysts about opportunities among wide moat companies, from semiconductors to sneakers and handbags. We'll dive into the forces behind Nvidia's performance and the semiconductor industry's growth, and compare their current prices to Morningstar's fair value assessments. We'll also look at the resilience of highly valuable consumer brands amid inflationary pressures and uncertain global growth, to evaluate whether moat stocks in this space present attractive valuation opportunities.

Learn more about these trends and how they are impacting current moat positioning and recent performance.


  • Review differentiated exposure and near-term underperformance in the face of a lack of market breadth
  • Recap philosophy and process behind moat investing across market caps
  • Live Q&A with Morningstar's equity research team with a focus on select moat-rated companies
Date 09.07.2024
Time 17:00


Jetzt anmelden


Brandon Rakszawski

VP, Director of Product Management, VanEck


Andrew Lane

Director of Equity Research, Index Strategies, Morningstar Research Services LLC


Brian Colello, CPA

Strategist, Technology Equity Research, Morningstar Research Services LLC


David Swartz

Senior Equity Analyst, Consumer Sector Research Group, Morningstar Research Services LLC