Signet Capital Management Limited

The Sum Is Greater The The Parts For Signet FFF

In 2016, Signet Capital Management Limited ("Signet"), which was a significant player in the fund of hedge funds business in the early- to mid-nineties, sold a stake to the majority shareholder of Limassol, Cypres based FFF Asset Management Limited ("FFF"). By that time, Signet had merged with Spectrum Partners, an emerging markets-focused hedge fund firm founded by Dmitry Evenko; in 2021, Evenko, now a Senior Partner at FFF and Director at Signet, is spearheading the transformation of both firms into a single entity, Signet FFF.

Technically - at least, for now - Signet FFF is two different companies, FFF and Signet. The former has real estate and private equity interests, but FFF's flagship product is a fixed income hedge fund. Signet is based in London and manages a quantitative macro fund and a fund of hedge funds; Signet's flagship product is a global equity UCITS fund which invests mainly in the technology, healthcare, entertainment and leisure sectors.