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Exponential Innovation in Bluechips – Cheaper Access to Innovation Outside the Tech Sector

The Singularity Group AG

In the course of human history, technological innovation has never been as present and as tangible as it is now. Also, technology is not only developed and sold by technology companies, but acknowledged as the key to success across industries and value chains.

To capture value generation form innovation, investors often resort to technology funds and tech venture capital. It is clear though, that innovation is not only happening in technology. Today, every company has the potential to be an innovative company.

The Singularity Fund (UCITS Lux) is a global, long-only equity fund aiming not only to capture value generated by companies in the tech sector producing these innovative technologies, but also those using them and building them into their business models. The fund differentiates from typical tech funds by seeking exposure to companies outside the technology sector that are benefitting in various ways from the development and application of innovation in-house.


Evelyne Pflugi, CEO

“Companies in the Singularity space don't need economic stimulus, their growth is not linked to GDP growth and politics, they grow exponentially by their very nature."https://www.linkedin.com/in/evelyne-pflugi-b747497/

Eric G Sarasin, Chairman of the Board 

“Je stärker wir uns mit transformativen Technologien beschäftigen, desto mehr beschäftigen wir uns damit, auch die grossen Probleme zu lösen, und desto besser kann durch Investition in diese Sektoren unsere Welt verbessert werden.”



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