Columbia Threadneedle Investments Spotlight on CIO outlook

A year ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading around the world, we discussed how markets would react and the impact lockdowns would have on the global economy. The forecast was pretty accurate. However, helped by the efficacy of the vaccines and Fed stimulus, the recovery time frame has shortened and has brought with it an optimism which has caused markets to reflect this accelerated recovery.

So what does this now mean for markets? Will rising US Treasury yields be a permanent feature because we see inflation persisting or is it temporary? What do different levels of stimulus and speed of vaccination campaigns mean for Europe and US? Will a rotation into cyclical stocks persist? Which structural trends have been accelerated by the pandemic?

William Davies, CIO EMEA, will look at all of these questions, the impact on various asset classes, and how we are positioning our portfolios accordingly.

Date 04/27/2021 – 04/27/2021
Time 11:00 – 12:00


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William Davies

Chief Investment Officer, EMEA

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