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Enable Change in Banking

Baader Helvea AG

Baader Bank is the bank for the capital market. It allows its clients to access international capital markets and to invest in financial products in an effective, efficient and secure manner. The bank uses the latest innovations in the banking industry for products, processes and technology to generate added value for its clients. As a family-run, full-service bank headquartered in Unterschleissheim near Munich with around 400 employees, it is active in the business segments of Market Making, Capital Markets, Multi Asset Brokerage, Asset Management Services, Banking Services and Research.


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  • Asset Management Services
  • Banking Services
  • Capital Markets
  • Custody Bank
  • Market Making
  • Multi Asset Brokerage
  • Research

Company age

Founded 1983
- 39 -

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Baader Helvea AG
Talstrasse 9

8001 Zürich