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Carnegie Fund Services

Carnegie Fund Services (CFS) is the leading independent legal representative of foreign collective investment schemes in Switzerland, authorised and regulated by FINMA since 2003. We represent 775 funds for more than 100 different fund managers.

CFS provides a one stop shop solution, including representation, paying agency, compliance at the point of sales, and thanks to internally developed IT Swiss tax reporting. Furthermore, we provide in-house specialised translation services into the national Swiss languages.

Through our Due Diligence Hub web based platform we provide support for distributor due dilligence, both to fund manager and fund distributor.

Via its General Distribution services CFS offers access to distribution platforms and distributors on a global base including legal and compliance services, we take care of data and documents delivery, as well as trailer fee calculation.

CFS is a firm of some 20 people; we employ lawyers, translators and a number of experienced fund administration and IT specialists, allowing us to offer an integrated, efficient and cost-effective service.

Our publication platform fundeye.com, recognised by FINMA in Switzerland and FSMA in Belgium is dedicated to funds data and documents publication, as well as to their targeted dissemination to distributors, fund platforms, broker networks, media and investors in about 60 jurisdictions globally.


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Download fundeye - The One‐Stop Publication & Dissemination Platform

fundeye - The One‐Stop Publication & Dissemination Platform


Download Your Independent Gateway to Investors in Switzerland

Your Independent Gateway to Investors in Switzerland


Download fundeye - Setting New Standards

fundeye - Setting New Standards

Download Due Diligence Hub

Due Diligence Hub

Download Your Gateway to Investors in Switzerland

Your Gateway to Investors in Switzerland

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