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Leverage the power of a leading software solution for professional asset managers.

i2 invest AG

i2 group brings transparency into private debt and helps professional investors manage alternative/digital lending portfolios through advanced technology


i2 Group helps you to manage a large alternative asset portfolio, assists you with consistent structuring services in a professional manner, and provides you with investment strategy advice and support with due diligence. 


  • Founded in 2017
  • 3 Alternative investment funds live
  • More than 600,000 acquired credit claims 


i2 Group offers:

  • A comprehensive portfolio management software
  • Structuring-as-a-service
  • Advisory
  • Legal support



Our Partners


Blackfort  AG

Blackfort AG is an innovative investment boutique based in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The team consists of specialists with many years of experience in institutional asset management. The focus is on achieving a steady return and protecting capital in different market environments.


The Blackfort Swiss Real Estate Debt Fund generates to the capital markets uncorrelated returns in CHF by investing in collateralized loan claims for financing Swiss residential real estate. Intelligent data consolidation and digital monitoring enable us to manage the portfolio highly efficiently and achieve a very broad diversification that is hardly attainable to reach through direct investments. On average, the term of the loans is 24 months. Therefore, the interest rate sensitivity of the portfolio is low in the event of further interest rate increases. Although all investable loans require a substantial equity puffer of at least 20% on the part of the borrower, the currently invested assets have an attractive expected interest payment of over 5% p.a. in CHF.


Clients of Blackfort can benefit from the followings:

  • Investment know-how from the world of leading institutional investors
  • Innovative investment strategies and solutions
  • State-of-the-art implementation and investment vehicles


NSF Wealth Management

NSF Wealth Management provides professional wealth management services to help their clients maintain and grow their acquired wealth over the long run. NSF collaborates with their clients to convert their financial needs into the most effective investment strategies.

The SME Lending Fund Switzerland invests mainly in CHF-denominated loans of small and medium-sized companies domiciled in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which are issued via established Swiss marketplace lending platforms (lend.chcashare.ch and crowd4cash.ch). 

  • The goal is long-term asset growth 
  • The fund is actively managed 
  • Suitable for professional investors with a higher risk profile 

Fund information: https://www.lafv.li/DE/Funds/FundList/FundDetails?ID=42306

Website: https://marketplace-lending.li/sme-lending-fund-switzerland-sicav/


The following services are offered by NSF Wealth Management to its clients:

  • Asset management
  • Investment controlling
  • Fund management

NSF as a whole offers more services than the wealth management side.















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