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chameleon asset management ag

Asset management

Our asset management seeks to look after high-net-worth individuals, and offer them professional and personal advice. However, we can only meet this requirement if we impose a self-restriction for the number of clients to be serviced.


By investing in our investment funds, we give a wide range of investors the chance to manage their money according to the same approach.

Core area

The core area will lie in the investment means of the convertible, according to the chameleon, and in doing so, the debtor quality will each time gain great importance so as to secure and increase mid to long-term assets under management in such a way that the opportunity / risk ratio is chosen in the best possible manner, without clientele having to renounce participation in rising share prices.  


Our aim is to not compromise our customers’ assets in a speculative manner through futures and options or foreign exchange transactions

The following product categories are offered

  • Bond Convertibles
  • High Yield
  • Structured Products

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