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Swiss Fund Data AG

Founded in 2007, Swiss Fund Data AG is 70 %-owned by the Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association and 30 %-owned by the SIX Swiss Exchange. Its activities are exclusively in the service of the fund industry and, as a service provider for the financial services industry as a whole, it enjoys a high level of trust and renown – this is true for both institutional clients and professional investors as well as fund providers with above-average quality expectations and qualified private investors. With its comprehensive database and a website recognized by FINMA as an official electronic publication medium, Swiss Fund Data AG offers a wide variety of professional services. As a one-stop-shop for fund information, it plays a key role as a data and marketing hub for the entire fund industry and maintains direct connections to data vendors, authorities, media and fund providers. A non-profit organisation, Swiss Fund Data AG aims to keep operating costs as low as possible so that its clients enjoy the lowest possible subscription fees. At the same time, it continuously invests in innovations that benefit all market participants.


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