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Voxia communication

Voxia communication is a global PR agency in Switzerland with offices in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano.

Leader in providing services to the banking and financial sectors, Voxia has been organizing financial events (over 250 forums, seminars and roadshows) in Switzerland for over 20 years. Our added value lies both in its in-depth knowledge of financial products & services and its expertise in financial communication. We provide asset managers the opportunity to present their products, services and experts to the Swiss investment community.

As a fully-fledged agency, Voxia has collaborated with more than 200 diversified regional, national and international clients from all sectors, such as industry, services, finance, real estate, as well as from the political and associative arenas.

To find out more about Voxia, visit us at: https://voxia.ch/en/


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Voxia communication

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