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Moat Investing

Boeing and Bank of America Headline March Review

The Morningstar® Wide Moat Focus IndexTM (the “Index”) completed its quarterly rebalance and reconstitution on Friday, 20 March 2020. The Index has a new look after assessing valuation opportunities among U.S. wide moat companies. The Index’s long-standing health care overweight was pared back while financials now take a more prominent place in the Index following that sector’s outsized participation in the recent market slide. One notable addition to the portfolio last week was Boeing Co. (BA).

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Gold Investing

Examining Gold’s Recovery Cycles

While the outcome of this most recent market sell-off and related pandemic are yet-to-be-seen, we remain optimistic about the outlook for gold and gold stocks in the near-term. Much of the market movement in gold prices is relatively easy to explain, while gold companies continue to exhibit, we believe, truly compelling fundamentals and valuations. With respect to the pandemic, companies are taking all precautions, and although we do anticipate that some operations will be impacted, discussions we have had with companies indicate that every effort is being made to ensure inventories, supply lines, employee health and back-up redundancies are in place to sustain production.

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Investment Oultlook

How Is China Holding Up with COVID-19?

Shortly after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus epidemic a pandemic on 11 March 2020, China announced that the peak of the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country has passed.
We were able to gather thoughts from Richard Tang, China CEO, and Kai-yin Wei, General Manager of VanEck China, on how China’s been holding up with COVID-19 since the outbreak in early January 2020. Here’s their take on the impact on society, economy and financial markets in China.

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