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We give Nordic High Yield investors a disproportionate advantage

Ridge Capital AB

Ridge Capital is a Stockholm-based fund management company founded in 2022. Christoffer Malmström and Måns Levin, co-founders and owners, decided to address the inneficient and illiquid Nordic High Yield bond market, with an innovative strategy. Use of a monthly liquid Luxembourg RAIF in a market dominated by daily liquidity UCITS. Use a structural leverage of 1.5x which our lead manager experienced to be the right level during market crisis. This counter intuitively allows us to lower credit risk by investing in better rated HY bonds, compensate for the lower yield, and reach our return target (Euribor + >7% net). Possibility to hedge the portfolio against spread widening. Hedging of all currency risks. Negligeable interest rate risk due to a naturally low duration of the Nordic HY market, constituted of over 75% FRN. Fund mainly exposed to credit risk. Lead portfolio manager, built the number one track record on Nordic HY (+6.8% net annualized performance 2018-2022).
Exclusion of the highly volatile energy sector, which has 5x higher default rates than all other sectors combined. Activity in the secondary market is an additional source of alpha, neglected by our peers which manage with a “Buy-and-hold style”. A preconceived erroneous idea is to believe that the Nordic HY bond market is mainly limited to the real estate sector & fossil fuels. There are enough sectors to build a well-diversified portfolio. We integrate ESG. Our fund is classified as Article 8 under SFDR.

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Herunterladen Investor Presentation - March 2024

Investor Presentation - March 2024

Herunterladen Portfolio Update - March 2024

Portfolio Update - March 2024


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  • #2 Rookie of the year award from HedgeHedgeNordic

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