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Future Fundstars enters the fourth round! Apply now and win an investment of up to three million euros

Fund boutiques and investment talents listen up! Fundview, together with Netfonds and azemos, is looking for the investment stars of the future. In the fourth season of the Future Fundstars competition, three million euros are at stake. Investors apply with an existing UCITS fund or an investment strategy from all asset classes. The winner of the event will receive up to three million euros for their fund or as seeding for a new fund. With Volker Schilling there is also a new member in the jury

The news platform Fundview, the liability umbrella NFS Netfonds, the asset manager azemos vermögensmanagement and co-initiator Alpay Ece, partner of NFS Netfonds and azemos, jointly launch the fourth season of the Future Fundstars competition, in which fund boutiques and investment talents present their strategies in a live pitch. The winner of this competition will receive an investment of up to three million euros.
Investment talents and strategies that are not in the daily limelight but show great performance or high-class risk management are sought after. For example, the strategy of Philipp Haas, the winner of the first Future Fundstars competition. Or the winner of the third season, Huy Nguyen, is also approaching the launch of his own fund.
The fourth season of Future Fundstars is now upon us and new talents are being sought! Because there are undoubtedly still many undiscovered gems in the investment industry that we want to bring into focus at this event. From today until 31st January 2023, investment talents from all asset classes can apply. There is no restriction on the investment universe. Existing funds in the UCITS shell may have a maximum of 20 million euros in assets under management. However, investment talents without funds can also apply for seed capital for their own strategy.

Increase to three million euros and new partners:
In the first three seasons of Future Fundstars, the investment or seed capital for the winning strategy was two million euros. This investment will be increased to three million euros for the fourth season. Furthermore, in addition to the long-term existing partners, HANSAINVEST, Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe and Netfonds, we welcome prominent new partners who support fund boutiques and fund advisors across the entire value chain. These are: Alpina Fund Management, Ampega, LGT Private Banking and the Swiss Fund Platform.

New addition to the jury - Volker Schilling:
The high-class jury also welcomes a new addition: Volker Schilling, founder and member of the board of Greiff capital management AG. With his Greiff PartnerLOUNGE, Schilling offers fund boutiques to remain independent but to cooperate structurally and to contribute their know-how. The result is lean and efficient structures for the benefit of investors.
How to apply for Future Fundstars:

  • The investment universe for existing UCITS funds or investment strategies is not restricted. Applications can come from all asset classes.
  • Please download the following application and follow the instructions in the document.
  • Please download and complete the following consent form. This must be completed by all applicants (including teams applying with the same strategy) and sent to us.
  • If you agree to the Future Fundstars event being held in the form of a public broadcast of the intermediate round(s) and the final round on the internet, please tick point 3.1.
  • If you agree to the recording of the event and its subsequent public reproduction (also on the internet) for the purpose of commercial exploitation, please tick point 3.2.
  • If you agree to the use of Zoom as an effective video conferencing solution and the associated transfer of personal data to the USA, please tick point 3.3.
  • Send all completed documents and your fund presentation or investment idea to futurefundstars@fundview.de.
  • The application deadline is 31st January 2023.

Who may participate?
At the Future Fundstars event, different fund managers, fund advisors and investment talents present their strategy and face the questions of a prominent jury. Managers of existing UCITS funds with a track record of at least twelve months or comparable demonstrable expertise are eligible to participate. But investment talents without their own fund are also in demand and may apply with an existing certificate, Wikifolio or a portfolio statement, for example.
Who invests the three million euros?
The investment of up to three million euros, which the winner of the fourth Future Fundstars competition will receive, will be provided as funding from the administered or managed assets of azemos vermögensmanagement gmbh from Offenburg in Baden-Württemberg and the Netfonds Group from Hamburg.
How can you apply?
Applicants can download the application form here. Applicants should send the completed form, including a fund presentation or their investment idea, to futurefundstars@fundview.de. In addition, the following consent must be downloaded and also completed. The application phase is open until 31st January 2023.

What is the procedure?
Several strategies will be pre-selected from all applicants by the jury. These funds or strategies then compete in digital live events and have to face the jury's questions and show their added value during these events. The live presentations of the candidates are public and can be followed by viewers. The grand finale, where the winner of the fourth season of Future Fundstars will be chosen, will take place on 28 March 2023 in Mannheim. The winner will receive up to three million euros for their existing fund or seed capital for a new fund.
The digital event is organised by the news platform Fundview and in cooperation with NFS Netfonds and azemos vermögensmanagement.
For questions or more information about the event, please contact futurefundstars@fundview.de.