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Investing in Nature: the true engine of our economy – a synthesis

Nature is both overexploited, and underutilised. Our failure to value natural capital has led us to turn a blind eye to its decline, and kept us from grasping its economic potential.


The transition to the butterfly economy1
Our present economic system depletes the very resources it relies on through excessive material extraction and adverse impact on nature. We call this the take-make-waste economy; taking more than is sustainable, making more than we need, and wasting most of what we produce. As our impact has grown, this model can no longer be sustained. Regulatory, consumer and market forces are forcing our economy to transition to a model that not only harnesses naturebased solutions through the circular bio-economy but also preserves nature through resource efficiency and outcome-oriented business models, closing the loop towards zero-waste. We call this new economic model the butterfly economy.