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Strong Performance Despite High Volatility & Uncertainties!

We are delighted to present to you the best of both worlds: a straightforward and cost-effective investment structure in the form of an ETF, with the unique investment idea of the Modern Value strategy from Frank Fischer & his team. The Frankfurter UCITS-ETF - Modern Value, which is based on the Frankfurt Modern Value Index, has been impressing with its consistently solid performance since its introduction in June 2020 - increasingly proving itself as an attractive alternative or even addition to the established MSCI World Index.
Performance since the launch of the Frankfurt Modern Value Index 06/2020:

Performance since the beginning of the year 2023:

The special combination of passive and active:
The ETF replicates the Frankfurt Modern Value Index 1:1 and is always 100% invested in stocks, thus pursuing the passive investment structure of ETFs. However, unlike conventional ETFs that represent an entire market, the Modern Value Index contains the selected top investment ideas from Frank Fischer & his team. This way, you can benefit from the active world of funds by investing in high-quality companies, rather than merely in a general market.
The unique investment idea:
The Modern Value approach, which has already been successfully implemented in the actively managed funds of Shareholder Value, is also at the heart of this concept. The team identifies and invests in "wonderful companies", which are owner- or family-led and have an economic moat.
Balance instead of overweight:
Frank Fischer does not follow the usual approach of weighting companies according to their market capitalization. Instead, the selection is based on the quality of the companies. The 25 companies with the highest expected returns make it into the Frankfurt Modern Value Index. Through quarterly rebalancing, it is ensured that the top 25 stocks are always represented in the portfolio and the original weighting of 4% is maintained. This helps reduce the ETF's volatility and keep the risk profile constant.
We are pleased to offer you this unique investment opportunity - the Frankfurt UCITS-ETF - Modern Value (ISIN: LU2439874319) - from Shareholder Value. Further information as well as fact sheets and presentations can be found here under the following link: Frankfurt UCITS-ETF - Modern Value
If you have further questions, Philipp Prömm (pp@shareholdervalue.de) and Endrit Çela (ec@shareholdervalue.de) from Shareholder Value will be happy to assist you.
FYI: The ETF can be traded normally via Xetra & Co.