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Magnifi is a platform that is changing how you shop for investments. The world of investments has tens of thousands of choices; and the language used to interact with this crowded world is tickers, screens, and filters. All this makes discovering investments or expressing what matters to you when you shop for investments rather complicated, if not impossible. Magnifi was built so users – whether they are consumers, financial advisors, or portfolio managers – can easily discover investments using natural language. Our proprietary technology was built on the foundation of semantics (interpreting meaning, not just matching), making it easy to for both the amateur and seasoned investor to search for themes and express what matters to them.  Users no longer have to learn a new language to interact with the world of investments. For some users, such as self-directed consumers, Magnifi will demystify the world of investments. For others, such as wealth and portfolio managers, it will save them copious amounts of precious time with faster discovery. For all users, Magnifi will help with smarter decisions.


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Gründung 2018
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New York
United States of America