Mirabaud Asset Management


With total holdings of over $30 trillion of assets1, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) have seen unprecedented growth over recent years, bringing with it a vast array of definitions and interpretations.

At Mirabaud Asset Management, our active management approach empowers us to take the lead and adopt a pragmatic stance to best manage our clients’ investments. Over our 200-year history, we have proven to be a sustainable business with a deep-rooted responsible philosophy and a vision to deliver long lasting value to our clients. This enables our active portfolio managers to identify and back sustainable businesses, whether it be through the robustness of their business models and cash flows or through their adoption of responsible business practices. This is of particular importance in today’s turbulent markets, where we stand by our fiduciary duty to manage clients’ assets responsibly, with the guidance of a robust SRI framework.

Our active, conviction-based approach is reinforced with the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into our investment processes. When it comes to Socially Responsible Investing, we do not apply a one-size fits all approach, but instead tailor our approach across our product offering and asset classes, given their unique investment approaches. Our strength of conviction implies we do the groundwork to confirm our views, stand by them and work together with our holding companies to drive positive change and better investment outcomes.