Iron Trust Asset Management Ltd.

Sustainable Investments

The consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored.

To ensure that the transition to a low-carbon economy and the increase in global warming to 2° Celsius and the 17 goals for sustainable development of the United Nations (UN) are achieved, combating climate change will play a central role.

Sustainable investment may have been considered a trend in the past, but it has now become the new norm. With sustainable investments, investors not only conserve resources, they also increase returns. With ecologically, economically and socially compatible investments, investors reduce risks in their portfolio. To invest sustainably does not mean to renounce returns. Significant regulatory changes and the growing climate awareness make climate-friendly and sustainable investments indispensable for today's investors.

With our Funds, investors can bring sustainability into their portfolio.

Der Pure ESG Europe Fund wurde von der Analysefirma CSSP – Center for Social and Sustainable Products – mit 5 Diamanten ausgezeichnet.

The Iron Trust – Flexible Global Balanced Fund and the Iron Trust  Global Convertible Bond Fund have received the highest sustainability rating from Morningstar.

For more information please contact Frank Bock (Member of the Executive Board - CIO).