SIA Funds AG

LTIF Natural Resources 2021 the Top Fund in his Category

SIA has gained the ‘Highly Rated Fund’ status for the following funds by the community of professional fund buyers on SharingAlpha.

A fund is rated based on the expectations in terms of the fund`s chances of outperforming in the future. The 3 parameters (or 3 P`s) on which the overall rating was determined are factors that are expected to influence future performance: People: The experience and competitive edge of the fund manager and their team; Price: The cost of the fund; Portfolio: The investment strategy.
SharingAlpha later calculates the average ratings assigned to each fund while it only takes into account ratings from those that they can identify as professional fund buyers. Furthermore, in order to improve the quality of the aggregate ratings, instead of using on equal averaging of the rankings they provide a higher weighting to raters that have a better track performance on the platform. Oren Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of SharingAlpha, said: “Our growing community of professional fund buyers have shared their expectations on our platform and as a result we are able to offer investors assistance in identifying funds generating consistent alpha. We are glad that we can work with asset managers such as SIA which enables us to develop this innovative fund rating methodology and introduce a more transparent and robust fund selection process.”