La Financiere de L’Echiquier

Update on Echiquier World Next Leaders

From cybersecurity to Health 2.0 to renewable energies and the new consumer habits of Gen Z, megatrends are building the future right now. These structural trends also mean investment opportunities, and we specialise in identifying them. Echiquier World Next Leaders invests in innovative mid-size companies all over the world. We are
building a focused portfolio of about thirty stocks embodying the convictions of La Financière de l’Echiquier.

Economic outlook
We have had an unprecedented year in 2020, experiencing the greatest health crisis of our time, which quickly transformed into an economic and social crisis. In this turbulent climate, your fund generated a substantial outperformance, thanks to its unique positioning at the crossroads of megatrends and medium-sized companies. Echiquier World Next Leaders has profited from the overwhelming adoption of e-commerce. The sector doubled its penetration rate in five months, up to about 20% of total trade; it had taken 20 years to go from 0 to 10%. Companies like SEA LIMITED, based in Singapore and operating in Southeast Asia, have watched their share prices climb, and your fund has been rewarded. This digital payment company is also active in the video game sector, another massive driver supporting the group’s future growth.